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Federation Tech Co., Ltd. is a high technology and new technology enterprise in the field of far infrared products with 23 years history. We focus on research and development, design, production, sales, service as a whole, with completely independent intellectual property rights and patents, specializing in producing far infrared health care physical therapy products: including infrared sauna room series, infrared therapy room, infrared heater, infrared fireplace etc. Company has strong capital backing, com...
Products List

infrared fan heater sq 9721m with mp3
infrared fan heater sq 9721
infrared room heater sq 9720
infrared sauna room detox box cabin ng402c hcb
infrared sauna room ng402 hcb
infrared room sauna ng302 hcb
infrared room sauna ng301 hcb
infrared sauna room detox box cabin ng2023 hcb
infrared sauna room ng2013 hcb
infrared sauna room ng102 hcb
infrared sauna room ng101 hcb
outdoor infrared sauna room h301
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Company: Federation Tech Co.Ltd
Contact: Ms. vivla xia
Address: South Renmin RD,Luohu district
Postcode: 518001
Tel: 86 82214221
Fax: 86 82214220
Homepage: www.fedintl.com

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